Our Mission
Whispering Oak Montessori Academy encourages independent, self-directed learning for life in a child-centered environment.  We promote an international community valuing peace, respect for others and pride in individual differences.  Our goal is to foster a love of learning and educate children to be caring, socially responsible citizens of their community and world. 

The foundation of our program is the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, who believed in providing children with an environment rich in opportunities to grow spiritually, mentally and socially.   Dr. Montessori discovered that children have a great natural desire to learn and can do so joyfully if they are presented with key concepts and ideals during their sensitive learning periods.   Within the carefully prepared Montessori environment, the child is highly motivated to learn and explore, and becomes, to a large extent, his or her own teacher. 

Our educational and supplemental care programs are available for children from age 6 weeks through 6 years in three different programs: Infant, Toddler, Preschool and Kindergarten.

Montessori-trained teachers and staff are dedicated to helping children discover their unique potential – academically, socially, and interpersonally.

We invite you to learn more about us and to visit our classrooms soon.

Please do not hesitate to call us at 916-722 8118 or 722 1181  if you have any questions.
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"The child should love everything he learns, for his mental and emotional growth are linked. Whatever is presented to him must be made beautiful and clear, striking his imagination. Once love has been kindled, all problems confronting the educationalist will disappear." Dr. Maria Montessori

Discovering the Spirit of Learning
Whispering Oak Montessori Academy
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